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My Mission

Let's see...my mission is to make awesome cookies!  That about sums it up...ha ha.

No really, the taste of my cookies, the quality, means more to me than anything else.  Yeah, and I've got a little bit of an ego about it too :-) .  In my defense, when I did my market research early on, which basically consisted of going around and eating cookies from various stores (not as much fun as I thought it would be - for my stomach :-(  ), most of the cookies were lifeless.  I mean they practically had no taste.  Most were very crunchy and bone-dry and I'm not sure what held them together.  Whether they had preservatives or not, it was basically a yuck-fest!

If I'm going to put my civil engineering degree on the line to make cookies, by golly they better be great, or I'll have some splain'n to do!

If you try them, tell me what you think!  I've got to go, I'm off to do some tinkering with my cookies in my little workshop to see if I can make them even better!

...See ya

- Aaron