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My Mission

Let's see...my mission is to make awesome cookies, even better than homemade!  That about sums it up.

The taste of my cookies, the quality, means more to me than anything else.  When I did my market research early on, which basically consisted of going around and eating cookies from various stores, some cookies were pretty good but most were just blah.  Regardless, I wanted my cookies to be remembered, so I had my work cut out for me.

After a lot of trial and error and sampling my own product (I'd eat them for breakfast), I think I've created a cookie that's pretty special, especially my chocolate chip cookies.  Kids really love these! :-)

And...I've finally put my hard-earned civil engineering degree to good use...ha ha!  Seriously, there's a lot of engineering in making cookies!

Well, I've got to run so I can work on my cookies to see if I can make them even better!

Thank you,


(Owner of Big Cookie)