Easy Party Desserts Were Never This Much Fun

Easy Party Desserts Can Be Simple Yet CreativeEasy Party Desserts

Party treats can become boring if you don't think out of the box--the cookie box that is! Individually wrapped gourmet cookies from Big Cookie can become the go-to-party treat that every party coordinator reaches for once you discover some fun, new ways to use them for dessert at your next party or event.

The Many Uses of an Individually Wrapped Cookie

When cookies already come nicely wrapped and sealed, your options for using them at parties or other types of events widely expands. You no longer have to lay them on a plate that catches all the crumbs, yet allows them to become stale. Instead, you can place them in almost any type of decorative container, whether it's for an individual cookie or many cookies, that's sure to make a bigger impact in your overall party scheme. A gourmet cookie that's individually wrapped, gives it a "dressed-up" look that not only gives class to a dessert, but almost begs to be used as a party favor!

Go for the "Dressed-Up Party Treat

So what's an example of an easy party dessert using a "dressed-up" gourmet cookie? These easy party treats can look really special without spending a lot of money or a lot of time. A visit to the dollar store or the $1 sections in retail stores like Target is where you can find little decorative containers, mugs, bowls, glass dishes, ribbons, bows, and other inexpensive items you can use to complete your party treats. In fact, you can choose to place your sealed gourmet cookie in a small container with chocolates, lollipops, assorted nut snacks, mints or similar items and finish it off with a pretty bow, tag and/or card to show that you put some effort into acknowledging your guests presence at your party. It doesn't take much to make a party treat look great and show your appreciation to your guests!

Big Impressions from a Big Cookie

When it comes to easy party desserts, you can count on Big Cookies to make a big impression! Remember to plan ahead and order your assortment of cookies early. Big Cookies can be kept in the freezer and defrosted when needed, while still keeping their great gourmet cookie taste!




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