Get Peanut Butter Cookies From Scratch! Plus Many More Flavors from Big Cookie

 Peanut butter cookies from scratch from Big Cookie are coming! But guess what? That's not all. Two more new flavors are also going to make a splash onto the Big Cookie website in just a couple of weeks. A new lemon cookie called the Big White Lemon Squeeze, and a red & white cookie (who doesn't love the red & white?) called simply enough, Big Red & White will also be making their debut.

peanut butter cookies from scratchAs if all the delectable flavors offered by Big Cookie aren't enough, owner and chief baker, Aaron Brilliant, wanted to include these three new cookies to please his current and future customers. So many people love peanut butter, but especially the taste of peanut butter cookies from scratch. Of course, all the flavors offered on the Big Cookie website are home baked and made from scratch, and if you've had the pleasure of trying a Big Cookie, you would surely agree that Aaron's cookies are nothing short of dessert perfection!

Aaron couldn't resist adding a lemon cookie to the mix of cookie choices to have something alemon cookies from scratch little bit different to offer his customers. This Big White Lemon Squeeze cookie, infused with white chocolate personally reminds me of an afternoon treat to be paired with a chocolate mocha latte--but that's just me. These lemon cookies from scratch are really the perfect indulgence for any time of day and can be enjoyed with coffee, milk (white or chocolate), or tea (hot or iced). What can't a lemon cookie do?! Oh, and one more thing, lemon cookies make the perfect treat to take to a party, give as a gift, or send to a friend to say "thank you."

red & white cookies from scratchThe Big Red & White cookie was destined to be included in the mix from the very beginning.  This cookie is nothing short of a show-stopping display of huge chunks of white chocolate nestled inside the contrasting red velvety color of this all-time favorite flavor. If you love the taste of a red & white cupcake, then you'll surely be a fan of the Big Red & White!

You won't have to wait long for these cookies to be available, so please check back shortly if you don't see them yet displayed on our cookies to order page.




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