Edible Baby Shower Gifts for Guests

In planning a baby shower, why not consider edible baby shower gifts for guests? Especially edible favors that everyone will love! What could make better baby shower gifts for guests than individually wrapped, gourmet cookies that taste like they've been baked that very morning without you ever having to lift a finger!

The key to this baby shower gift is the fact that each cookie is individually wrapped for each and every one of your guests.No more trying to figure out what favor you are going to give your guests as their parting gift. Cookies from

Big Cookie take care of everything for you. Whether you place the cookies in a decorative basket adorned with a pink, blue or yellow ribbon, or place a baby shower gift for each guest at their place setting, your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and unique idea.

What Cookies from Big Cookie Make the Best Baby Shower Favors?

Choosing cookies for your baby shower favors is the hard part because there are so many delicious Big Cookie flavors to choose from! The best cookies from Big Cookie that make the best favors will be the cookies that are the most popular. You want to make sure that you please all of your guests so choosing three or four different flavors is prudent. Flavors such as Big Milk Chocolate Chunk, Big Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin, Big Smooth Butterscotch Walnut and/or Big Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Unity should have you covered. Ordering a dozen or 1/2 dozen of each or mixing your order is also an idea to consider.

Need to get a jump on your order or just want to get your baby shower planning done early? No problem. Order your cookies early and keep them in the freezer until the day before the event then take them out to thaw. They will taste just as fresh and delicious as the day they arrived.

So take some of the stress out of planning a baby shower and order individually wrapped, gourmet cookies from Big Cookie today. They will surely be the baby shower gifts your guests will be talking about for a very long time!







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