Big Cookie Individually Wrapped Gourmet Cookies were part of the Official News Emmy Gift Bag

Morgantown, PA based Big Cookie, LLC recently stated that their individually wrapped gourmet cookies were a part of the Official News Emmy gift bag that was given to guests at the 34th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards. The award ceremony was held on Tuesday, October 1 at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center, found in the Time Warner Center in NYC. More than 1,000 executives, producers and journalists from the television and news media industry attended the event.

The story behind the founding of Big Cookie is, in itself, news. A civil engineer, Aaron Brilliant, started the company. He first started baking on a dare but soon became captivated with the idea of finding the perfect combination of baking processes and ingredients in order to create the ultimate taste sensation.

Disappointing colleagues who anxiously awaited his tasty morsels, Aaron quit his job as an engineer in order to bake full time. He soon narrowed his attention to making amazing cookies that were made using only the best premium ingredients. Making people happy through his cookies was Aaron’s main goal. He wanted to give his customers the best cookies they had ever tasted.

Aaron proudly explained that all of Big Cookie gourmet cookies come individually wrapped, are filled with large pieces of gourmet white, dark or milk chocolate or any amount of other fine ingredients, and weigh in at a whopping 2.6 ounces. He continues tempting dessert lovers by stating that with every half-dozen or dozen order of Big Cookies, customers receive an extra surprise cookie from Big Cookie that weighs 7 ounces! The baker chooses which surprise flavor to add to the order!

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