So, here's a little about me...

My name is Aaron Brilliant.  I am the Cookieman.  You may be wondering, how did I become the Cookieman?

Well, that's a bit of a long story to tell in my 'About' page.  The short version...for many years I worked as an engineer doing mostly analytical and technical work. I had a creative side too, but never got to use it much.

So, one day I decided to become an entrepreneur and start my own small business.  I realized I liked 'making' things and I had tinkered previously with baking for co-workers, family and friends.  I got around to making cookies for folks and got great feedback, which was very encouraging.  I kept fine-tuning my little creations until the response was amazing!

And today, as the Cookieman, I love making my cookies for you and folks all over America.

Now understand, the Cookieman doesn't make his cookies in mass quantities (I like referring to myself in the 3rd person :-) ).  They are made in my cozy cookie workshop in the sleepy little village of Morgantown, Pennsylvania.  This allows me to focus on quality and taste so that you will love them every time.

homemade cookies