What My Customers Think...

"Oh My GAWDDDDDDDD. That was like the best cookie I have ever had. Ever. In my life. And Bob said so too. Wow." — Christi B. 

"These cookies are some of the best we've ever had. They come in a great variety and you can tell right away that the ingredients are top quality. If you heat them up a little in the microwave it's like they're right out of the oven. They're great!" — Sam C. 

"These cookies are awesome. I love them with a cup of coffee. You can't go wrong with these cookies. They are what cookies are suppose to be!!" — Jennifer N. 

"These cookies are great! Big taste, great texture." — Jessica P. 

"Tonight I had a cookie made with walnuts, and butterscotch, my personal favorite. The cookies range from all different flavors.  All the cookies provide a great treat with a unique sweet taste. Just fought off my brother and sister to get my share!" — Kelly G.

OMGosh! How delicious!  I think my favorite, so far, is butterscotch walnut.  Only an engineer could come up with something so yummy.  The neighbor took an oatmeal raisin, took one small bite, her eyes glazed over, and then she put it away. And then five minutes later she took another bite, eyes glazed over... — Carol